Why Your Kids Should Do Kung Fu

Young Mantis Grading

There are many sports to choose to from when it comes to our kids. But few, if any, give the well rounded experience of a traditional martial art like Kung Fu. And at our club you can be assured that your child’s physical wellbeing, mental focus, emotional balance, and continual self development is close to our heart.

At our club, the kids start every class by reciting the motto. This instils respect and a focus on what should be important to them. We are big on etiquette and morality too.

Zyun Chan, Zyun Si, Zyun Gau Faan means Respect our Elders, Respect our Teachers, Respect their Teachings

Hok Yi, Hok Yan, Hok Gung Fu means Learn Honesty, Learn Generosity, Learn Kung Fu.

They finish every class with by finding whoever brings them to class and reciting Dor Jair Fu Mo (thank you Mum and Dad). We want them to understand that the respect for their teachers and training partners is mirrored in their respect to their parents.

Physical Exercise For Children

The physical practices will help them develop strong, healthy bodies as well as learning self defence techniques that will stand them in good stead in a multitude of scenarios. Their confidence and courage will grow so they can face the pressures of sports, school, bullying and other peer pressure based instances. We help them develop self discipline, self esteem,

We also have specialised programs including Performance Team Training, Lion Dancing teams, seminars and workshops, and Leadership opportunities. These encourage greater physical and mental skill development outside of the standard Kung Fu classes.

We also encourage social interaction before, during, and after our classes that develops friendships and camaraderie that stretches outside of the club walls.

But don’t take our word for it. Why not enroll your child into one of our Introductory Courses. For very little outlay you will see what we are talking about, and the kids will experience many of the facets listed above.

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