Who is Qigong for?

From those who are stressed trying to keep up with the hectic pace of modern living to those who simply want a gentle movement practice—our Qigong Gold Coast classes are designed to benefit everyone.

One of the simplest forms of soft martial arts, Qigong will help you calm your body and mind while mobilising your joints and replenishing your energy. The exercises will massage and invigorate your internal organs and return strong blood flow to muscles and tendons. Translating to ‘energy work’ or ‘breath work’, in our Qigong Gold Coast classes, you’ll learn to work with energy (Qi) and build a new level of self-awareness, while enhancing the connection between your body, mind and spirit. The more you practice, the more you will be able to feel the Qi and move it around your body. Qigong is also perfect for our Kung Fu students who wish to increase their understanding of harnessing their internal energy.

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Weekly class times

Monday 7:00pm
Wednesday 6:15pm
Friday 9:30am

The benefits of a regular Qigong

Join our Qigong Gold Coast classes to improve joint mobilisation, balance, coordination, breathing and general health while encouraging deep body relaxation and an unwavering sense of tranquillity.

Combining stretching, massage and breath work, our Qigong Gold Coast classes will help you quieten the mind, focus your spirit and improve energy and vitality. Regular Qigong practice will help to build your resilience to stress so you’re better equipped to cope with the challenges of everyday life. The focus on breath will encourage a deeper natural breath and a softening in the body which helps to oxygenate the blood, aid digestion and benefit the heart and lungs while calming your mind and emotions. There truly is no limit to the immense benefit Qigong practice can bring to your health.

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