Meet the FitLife Team

We have handpicked our team of martial arts and fitness instructors for their dedication, passion and enthusiasm—both for the practice and teaching of their chosen art. Whether Kung Fu, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong or fitness, all of our instructors have one thing in common—they love to teach.

Instructor Raelene

Raelene Corcoran

Kung Fu, Kids Kung Fu & Tai Chi Instructor

Raelene started her journey in Kung Fu in 2001. She finds teaching highly rewarding. Seeing the progress of her students also makes her more consistent with her own training. Outside of the club, she is secretary of Raemac Pty Ltd plus and spends any spare time she has with her horses.

Instructor Geoff (2)

Geoff Gordon

Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor

Geoff started his journey in 2006. He enjoys the challenge of teaching a diverse group of people and feels honoured to be able to give back what he has learned. Outside of the club Geoff is retired and you’ll likely find him pursuing his other hobbies of snowboarding, sailing, motorcycling and traveling.

Instructor Alex

Alex Feeney

Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor

Starting his journey in 2006, Alex loves to observe the progress as a student advances. He also gets a kick out of the satisfaction they feel after a productive class. Outside of the club Alex runs a Solid Plastering business. He likes to spend his spare time fishing and diving.

Instructor Jack

Jack Wheatley

Kung Fu, Kids Kung Fu & Flex Instructor

Jack commenced his journey in 2006. For him, instructing deepens the learning and understanding of techniques. He also enjoys the opportunity to gain confidence interacting with new people and groups in new and different ways. Outside of the club, Jack is an apprentice tiler and spends his spare time playing sports, music and other physical activities.

Instructor Rochelle

Rochelle Enright

Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong & Flex Instructor

Rochelle has been with the FitLife family since 2008 and she loves being able to share the journey with others. She likes to spend time with her family (and the FitLife family) out and about on the Gold Coast. When she’s not at the club, you’ll probably find her at the beach, in the hinterland or in China Town.

Instructor Nathan

Nathan Christos

Kung Fu Instructor

Nathan started his journey in 2010. For him, teaching is all about inspiring students and passing on the passion he has for the art. Outside of the club he is a technician specialising in electronic security and access control. His spare time is filled with playing music, photography and videography, golf, archery and generally anything outdoors.

Instructor Brendon

Brendon McGrath

Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Flex & Kickboxa Instructor

Brendon’s journey kicked off in 2010. His joy in teaching comes from having the opportunity to share his passion for the arts and bear witness to the ‘penny drop’ moments students get when learning. Teaching also allows him to solidify his understanding of his own training. Outside of the club Brendon is a Quality Advisor and a Director for a not-for-profit company. More often than not, you’ll find him exploring the outdoors with his family or enjoying his passion for film and sport.

Kirren Greenham

Tai Chi Instructor

Kirren started her journey in 2014 and has loved every minute of it. For her, there’s an exhilaration in helping people to recognise what they have the ability to achieve. Instructing also gives Kirren the opportunity to give back to the club—which has become her happy place. Outside of the club Kirren is a full-time graphic designer. While Kung Fu and Tai Chi are her passions, she loves spending time with her husband and fur babies, family and friends.

Ramin Daraei

Tai Chi Instructor

Ramin’s journey started in 2014 and he loves helping students reach their full potential. As the saying goes, teaching is learning twice, and Ramin finds that in teaching others he is also learning more himself. Outside of the club he is a full-time student and likes to spend his free time practising archery.

Ben Everest

Kids Kung Fu Instructor

Ben started his journey in 2016. He gets so much satisfaction out of seeing the progression and development of a student’s journey. Outside of the club he runs a tiling business and trains young apprentices. When he’s not in the rainforest connecting to nature to slow down the pace of everyday life, you’ll likely find him listening to music or playing the guitar. The peaceful harmony these hobbies elicit compliments the softer side of his Kung Fu and Qigong training.