Feeling stiff and sore? Maybe you need to Flex.

Based on the expertise of Kit Laughlin, creator of the Stretch Therapy™ system, our Flex classes also utilise methods from Chinese Dao Yin, Japanese Sotai and meridian stretches to improve your posture, flexibility and range of motion.

A soft and supple body leads to better health and reduces the risk of injury. Our Flex classes offer a Gold Coast Stretch Therapy experience. Gain freedom of movement and reduce pain associated with stiffness and inflexibility. Learn how to use your breathing to improve your structural integrity and decrease discomfort while increasing relaxation during stretching—an integral part of the exercise. Enhance outcomes and learn how to self-massage with numerous props. Utilising the principles of the Stretch Therapysystem, we will sometimes partner you up to achieve greater results.

Take advantage of our trial offer:

12-week program / over $1,000 in savings

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Weekly class times

Thursday 6:30pm

Have you heard of Fascial Fitness?

To improve your fascial fitness, take our Gold Coast Stretch Therapy (Flex) classes. Our techniques can help to improve your flexibility, range of motion, strength, balance, breathing and general health.

As part of our Flex class, we will often incorporate Fascial Fitness exercises that focus on working directly with your fascia (the layers of tissue that surround every structure in your body). This exciting new method based on the latest scientific research will enhance the way your fascia slides and glides, leading to greater mobility and flexibility. Training your fascia prevents strain and reduces pain while keeping the body in shape and honing coordination.

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