Frequently Asked Questions

What classes do you offer for children?

We currently offer Kung Fu classes from the ages of 4 and up. However, children from the age of 13 are also welcome to take part in our adult classes.

  • Mini Mantis – ages 4-6
  • Young Mantis – ages 7-12
  • Teen Mantis – ages 13-17
What classes do you offer for adults?

We currently offer classes in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Flex, Stretch therapy (Flex), Fitness Kickboxing (Kickboxa), Tai Chi for Arthritis, and Yoga.

At what age can my child start training?

We offer classes from the ages of 4 and up.

How large are the class sizes?

Our children’s class sizes are on average 10-20, and rarely go over 25, We always aim to maintain strict student: teacher ratio’s in our classes. For our adults classes they vary depending on the type of class you are attending. Kung Fu is our largest and this varies from 15-30 per class, depending on the day of the week.

How many days do I (or my children) need to train?

We don’t set an expectation on this as we understand that every person’s circumstance is different. You may train as often or as sporadic as you like, and we have payment options that cater to every situation.

How much does it cost to train?

We have a variety of payment rates and plans depending on how often you want to train. We have casual rates starting from $20 per class and memberships from $19.50 per week.

How long does it take to grade in Kung Fu?

We don’t have set timeframes on this. Every person is different and the speed at which you progress through the grades will depend on a combination of your natural ability and the rate you’re attending class.

What is the grading system in Henry Sue Circular Tong Long?

We have 6 junior belt levels: Beginner, White, Yellow, Orange, Green 1 & Green 2, followed by 6 senior belt levels: Blue 1 & 2, Purple 1 & 2, Brown 1 & 2. At the end of Brown 2 you can grade to become a Master. At Green 2 you have an option to become an instructor and at Blue 1 you have an option to become a Disciple.

What is a disciple in Henry Sue Circular Tong Long?

You can read about what a disciple is in Henry Sue Circular Tong Long in our blog post here.

What days are you open?

You can find our full timetable here.

What style of Tai Chi do you teach?

We predominantly teach Yang style Tai Chi, however we also teach some Chen and Sun style Tai Chi to students once they’ve learned the basics of the Yang Style.

Have a different question?

Feel free to contact us and ask. At FitLife Martial Arts Gold Coast, you will always be made to feel welcome.