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Gold Coast Corporate Fitness Training Packages To Support Workplace Wellness Programs

The benefits of a workplace wellness program speak for themselves. How does improved performance, retention and staff morale sound? What about lowered incidents of absenteeism, presenteeism and workers comp claims? Almost sounds too good to be true—but our corporate fitness training packages can help it become a reality.


  • Improved productivity & performance
  • A reduction in staff-related expenses
  • Improved retention rates & staff loyalty
  • Positive cohesion culture & staff morale
  • Excellent company image that attracts valuable talent

Workplace wellness programs are a growing trend for a very good reason. They work. Healthy employees are nearly three times more effective than their unhealthy counterparts. Not to mention that studies indicate effective workplace wellness programs result in a direct boost in profit via increased productivity and a reduction of staff-related expenses. In a nutshell, having happier, healthier staff has a positive effect on the business. Stay ahead of the curve with our corporate fitness training packages. We offer four different programs to suit the individual needs of your team in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast. Both group and individual sessions are available. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our packages to your business. A small investment in your team could result in an enormous change to your bottom line…

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Reap the benefits of investing in your staff

Corporate fitness training packages:

Reboot your mind

Relaxation and meditation exercises to boost energy and refocus. Give your employees stress management tools and techniques to calm a busy mind.

Move it or lose it

Targeted mobility and stretch therapy to alleviate tightness and tension associated with desk work. Give your employees freedom from painful, sore muscles.

Kick into gear

A quick high intensity fitness kickboxing session to get the heart rate going. The perfect way to break up the day and increase the fitness and strength of your staff.

DIY Happiness

Quick and simple techniques to help manage everyday stress and fatigue. Build a happier, healthier, more resilient team who are calm, centred and focused.


The healthiest employees are almost three times more effective than the least healthy.

Where an organisation does not manage health and wellbeing well it is four times more likely to lose talent within twelve months.

Demonstrating a sense of corporate social responsibility can improve the organisation’s image with the public, and can help an organisation become an employee of choice.

The cost of replacing an employee is at least 75% of the employee’s annual salary and may be as much as 150% in some cases.

The estimated cost of staff turnover in Australia is in the order of $20 billion.

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