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This world leading style of Kung Fu was introduced to Melbournians in 2012. Working in conjunction with FitLife Martial Arts and with a long and rich history in Australia, this highly dynamic style is renowned for its real world effectiveness. It’s practitioners are equally revered for their moral code and ethics as they are for their fighting ability.

The Melbourne Branch is delivered by Sihing Gabriele a highly skilled and qualified instructor, under the watchful eye of Queensland based Sifu Marc Webster, a 6th Degree Master of Circular Tong Long. Sifu Marc is one of only two of Grandmaster Henry Sue’s Masters to be graded to this level of expertise. He is a martial arts practitioner with over 26 years’ experience. Sifu Marc Webster visits the branch multiple times a year to grade students and run seminars providing deeper teachings of the art. In these traditional, yet fun filled, classes you’ll learn how to deliver maximum power through correct internal and external body mechanics and positioning, regardless of your size and strength.

FitLife Martial Arts puts emphasis on delivering highly engaging classes within a safe and enjoyable environment. Traditions of family, comradery and respect are still very much alive in our organisation and those that train with us are sure to make new lifelong connections.

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