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Want to try something different for your corporate wellness programme? Then consider Martial Arts!

Keeping a workforce relaxed, stimulated and happy isn’t easy and the days of hosting mandatory teambuilding activities to engage employees are long gone. Modern employees are selective with their time and demand corporate wellness programmes that think outside the box while adding value. If you’re out of ideas for your next event, give martial arts a try.

Why Martial Arts?

Unlike most corporate wellness activities, martial arts is relatively new to the scene. The most significant benefit is that it allows everyone, no matter their fitness level to participate, making it perfect for a diverse workforce. It also has three other major benefits.

De-stress with Martial Arts

With commuting and family tasks cutting into many employees’ time, it’s common to have a workforce that doesn’t have time to exercise. Exercise is critical as it keeps the body healthy and safely and reliably eliminates stress. The breathing and postural techniques taught in martial arts can also reduce and prevent repetitive strains and backaches common in those who spend all their time behind computers. Investing in this on behalf of your workforce allows them to take time to stay fit and shows that you’re invested in their wellbeing.

Improve productivity with Martial Arts

Modern workplaces are filled with distractions like text messages, emails, ringing phones and walk-in customers. This can challenge the attention span of workers, reducing their performance quality. Martial arts require concentration and conscious execution of movements. By making this part of your employee’s lifestyle, you’re training them to help deal with multitasking and better deal with the pressures of a demanding workplace. It will help reduce time spent on jobs as well as the number of errors.

Improve camaraderie with Martial Arts

Does your workforce have a chance to foster their relationships with each other outside of the office? While they don’t need to become best friends, breaking down barriers between employees can help them work better and increase a business’s overall product city. Shared experiences like martial arts classes are a great way to achieve this.

It’s time to ditch the usual corporate wellness programmes and try something much more likely to get a positive reaction from your employees. Contact Fitlife Martial Arts today to find out about what we can offer your business in terms of a custom corporate wellness programme.

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