Qigong Camp for Health and Martial Arts.

There are just over two months until our next Camp where we will be focusing on developing a relationshipQigong Camp with our Qi. This will include stretching the channels that carry our Qi, releasing tension to aid Qi flow, integrating whole body movement to stimulate Qi flow, gathering Qi through stationary and moving, sitting and standing methods, circulating the Microcosmic Orbit, and packing and condensing Qi into the body. We will also spend a period in silence to minimise Qi loss and maximise Qi intake. Qigong Camp

Spend two days in the clear, clean air of the Darling Downs at the Jondaryan Woolshed with a group of like minded people all geared to positive practices and powerful results. We will be catered for with five star meals that will leave you eager to return and savour more. The accommodation is rustic and dormitory style which adds to the power of the experience and the generation of Qi. Take this opportunity to leave work, stress, and bad habits behind. Return rested and refreshed, full of energy and a sense of calm. Enrol here.