Kids Kung Fu Classes Gold Coast

Gold Coast Kung Fu classes offer your kids a unique benefit

As children grow, they’re continually developing the physical skills they need to be fit, functional adults. There are many ways to help them develop these skills, including honing their fine and gross motor skills and, importantly – balance. Kung Fu is an effective way to help kids improve their stability and could help those struggling with balance issues due to developmental disorders or dyspraxia. Here’s why balance is necessary for kids and how Kung Fu can improve it.

Why balance is so important

Balance is your ability to control your body’s position and posture while performing activities like riding a bike or standing on one leg. It can be static (holding a position without moving) or dynamic (holding a position while moving). Until they’re 12, children continue to develop their balance through sports and play, boosting their confidence, laying the foundation for successful physical activity in the future, and preventing injuries and falls.

Because balance requires the brain’s cerebellum and the body’s muscles to work together towards a common goal, improving balance will also develop a child’s ability to focus and concentrate. A child with poor balance will shy away from group sports and activities, resulting in them exercising less than their peers and increasing their risk of becoming unfit. The lack of confidence that comes with poor balance can also make a child feel isolated and lonely.

Involve your kids in balance-improving sports like Kung Fu to boost their fitness levels and self-confidence. And remember, the earlier they start, the better.

At FitLife Martial Arts kids can start in our Kung Fu classes from 4 years old. And in 2019 we’re launching our new and exciting martial arts playgroups that will cater for kids aged from just 18 months old!

Improve your child’s balance with Kung Fu

A strong centre of gravity and equilibrium is essential for mastering any martial art, and you can’t develop them without a good sense of balance. Kung Fu teaches you to keep your centre of gravity aligned, using your muscles to remain steady. It rids your body of tension, so you execute movements effectively and maintain the correct stance. It’s no wonder that the “horse stance” is one of the first and important poses you learn in Kung Fu as its excellent for improving stamina and balance.

If you think your child could benefit from improving their balance and fitness levels in a fun and family friendly environment, sign them up for a Gold Coast Kung Fu class today. Be prepared to see incredible improvements in their strength, fitness and balance as they progress.