Free and Easy for Life

When we are young we take the mobility, energy levels, strength and flexibility of our body for granted. We don’t think much about it and often feel we are immortal. But after 40 (and maybe before that in modern lifestyles) we certainly notice losses in these areas and realise how important they really are to us. We quickly come to appreciate this freedom of movement and having a pain free body.

Martial Arts

So how can we maintain our once youthful vigour for as long as possible, and maybe slow the signs of ageing? The Chinese have understood that movement is medicine for millennia. They start at a very young age and continue into their 80s, 90’s, and beyond. There are two main points to consider when looking at movement as medicine. One is prolonging the health of your joints. These are the gates of the body. They open and close, hopefully smoothly, allowing the body to achieve pain free mobility and free flow of Qi and blood. Our goal should be to keep the joints smooth moving for life. In China’s Chen village, the birthplace of Chen style Tai Chi, they will mobilise each joint forty times every day.

The second consideration is using ‘real exercise’ to stay healthy. Real exercise contains five parts – loosening, toning, flexibility, conscious breathing practices, and a meditative mindset. Most exercise contains the first three as they are the physical side of movement, but many lack the last two. In Asia they have developed their exercise to encompass all five aspects. Tai Chi, Yoga, Qigong, Kung Fu, Meridian Stretches would all be considered ‘real exercise’. It is great to play sport for its physical aspects, enjoyment, and camaraderie but taking up one or more of the Asian methods of exercise will stand you in good stead for a long, healthy life! Check out our class timetable for something that suits you. You could also consider an immersion into these practices to get you started.