The Crucible of Self Development.

“We grow through discomfort or insight. But never through apathy.” – Vishen Lakhiani 2016

The regularity of training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi is like the blacksmithing that creates the sharpest swords. The steel is heated in the forge, or crucible, then pounded and folded, cooled down and heated again. The process is repeated many times. Similarly, we place our body and mind into the crucible of our training. This is the heating, pounding, and folding of the steel. Something soft like meditation, qigong, stretching, rest and relaxation is the cooling off period. Then we come back the next day and do it again. Over time our body, mind, and spirit improves on many levels. Whatever you do don’t become apathetic and take the commitment and regularity too lightly. The treasures available to you in these arts are endless and should not be easily given up on.