5 things you’ll gain from our martial arts Coomera school

Classes in our Coomera martial arts school are beneficial for adults and kids alike. Teaching Henry Sue Circular Tong Long Kung Fu, you can expect fun and enjoyable classes in a safe, inclusive and family-focused environment. This Kung Fu style builds on ancient styles of the art by incorporating Tai Chi to deliver a unique and practical fighting style that teaches you how to defend yourself with ease, no matter your size. Here are five things you’ll gain from attending classes at our Coomera martial arts school.

1. Like-minded community

At FitLife Martial Arts Coomera, we are an inclusive and family-friendly community who welcome everyone – no matter their size, skill, current level of competency or age. We’re not about teaching Kung Fu so you can go out into the world to fight. Instead we respect and honour the moral principles of the practice and encourage all our students to embody its teachings. While we teach you how to harness power and deal devastating blows, we value respect, gentleness and courteousness amongst our students.

2. Better coordination

Can you use your left and right sides equally as well and with as much strength? At our Coomera martial arts school all movements are practised both left and right. This challenges coordination and communication between your brain and body while strengthening it which translates to better dexterity in everyday life.

3. Stillness

As classes in our Coomera martial arts incorporate Tai Chi, you can expect to cultivate a deep sense of calm and stillness within. This can help with your stress resilience, energy and general happiness. Learn a little more about what Qi (chi) is in this article.

4. How to defend yourself

Circular Tong Long Kung Fu, the artform we practise in our Coomera martial arts school, is fundamentally a self-defence technique. Showing you how to harness power so that, no matter your size or strength, you can take down a would-be attacker, it’s a great artform for women and men, boys and girls alike.

5. Fitness

While suitable for people of all fitness levels, Kung Fu classes in our Coomera martial arts school are great for cardiovascular health and building general fitness. We commence each class with a vigorous warm up and keep the heart pumping through class. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to move your body without really feeling like you’re exercising, come and give our Coomera martial arts classes a crack. You won’t be disappointed.