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5 Proven benefits of taking up Gold Coast Qigong classes

Have you been considering starting Qigong classes on the Gold Coast? Qigong is an ancient practice but it can provide you with amazing benefits for living in our modern world. In the East, practitioners have been aware of the benefits for centuries. Western science is only now just beginning to confirm exactly how extraordinary this ancient practice is for us.

We’ve written more about what Qigong involves in this blog so check it out if you’d like to know more. Let’s take a look at 5 proven benefits that you will enjoy by taking up Qigong classes on the Gold Coast.

1. Improve your balance

As we age, we tend to lose our agility and muscle mass. This increases our risk of falling and causing ourselves an injury. Gold Coast Qigong classes will help to build better body awareness and mobility of joints while strengthening key muscles that help you to maintain your balance. Studies have shown that regardless of physical activity or limitations, regular Qigong classes can help to decrease the likelihood of falls, along with the fear of falling in people over the age of 70. Experience it for yourself by coming along to one of a Qigong class at Fitlife on the Gold Coast. If balance and bone health are key for you, you may also like our Tai Chi for arthritis classes.

2. Heart health and blood pressure reduction

By attending Qigong classes on the Gold Coast, you can boost circulation, support your heart health, reduce stress and increase your endurance—all of which will lower blood pressure. Sounds like a win win, doesn’t it? This is important for all of us but in particular those in their twilight years and anyone who is experiencing undue stress or problems with their heart.

3. Improve sleep

Taking up a regular Qigong class on the Gold Coast can help you to improve disturbed sleep. As a practice that is calming and restorative for both body and mind, a natural side effect is good quality sleep. With its emphasis on breathing and focusing your attention, it can also provide you with a tool to relax when your mind starts running around in circles as you’re trying to fall asleep.

4. Your Qigong Gold Coast classes can help to reduce chronic pain

If you suffer from chronic pain associated with degenerative joint diseases or just general joint pain, a regular Gold Coast Qigong class may offer you significant relief. Studies have linked Qigong to reduction in pain and even some evidence of improved physical function. Meaning, as well as a reduction in pain, you may also experience greater mobility than you had before.

5. Alleviate stress

Qigong has been shown to have a positive effect on anxiety, depression and general stress resilience. A regular Gold Coast Qigong class will help to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which is the arm of your nervous system that is aligned with rest and relaxation. Too often in our busy world, we are living our day with our stress response (the sympathetic nervous system or SNS) activated. When we live in this way consistently, it has a significant impact on our health. Our bodies are designed to live predominantly from our PNS and only activate the SNS during times of acute danger. Take up regular Qigong classes on the Gold Coast to counter the damaging effects of stress and promote a sense of general calm.

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