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Sifu Marc Webster will be presenting the opportunity to learn or review the Level 1 and 2 courses from the FitLife Martial Arts SteelBody Program.

These are refined versions of the Qigong systems he and his partner, Sifu Dean Monk, have learned over the past 3 decades from 5 different schools of thought.
– Henry Sue Circular Tong Long Kung Fu
– TianDi Qigong
– Nam Wah Pai Qigong
– Shaolin Qigong
– Taoist Qigong

Some of the benefits you will gain from attending these courses and committing to the training include :
– a stronger physical body
– better mental focus and clarity
– a steadfast mind
– boosting your immune system
– faster recovery and rehabilitation
– powerful striking for self defense

This course is 120 days of training that begins with an opening weekend on March 21-22 to learn the required exercises, meditations, and lifestyle recommendations.
You will have fortnightly review sessions to keep you on track and to get any questions answered.
The closing weekend will be held at our annual martial arts camp at Austinvilla Estate in the Gold Coast Hinterland on July 17-19, 2020.

The price also include training manual, liniment, moxibustion, and striking bags.
First time attendees $1088
CKFA/FLMA members $888
Review of Level 1 $688
Payment plans available.

Register your interest today as places will be limited to 12 people.

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