GMB Introduction to Locomotion Workshop with Piers Kwan


Piers Kwan is a GMB certified Trainer and has been teaching people how to improve their movement for over a decade. Piers is a trusted teacher of the GMB material of Original Strength and StrongFirst.
Coach Piers teaches GMB throughout the Asia Pacific region, and periodically in Africa.
People who attend this workshop should come away with a better understanding of how their body is connected, and an understanding of how to apply the locomotions where they are at, and towards their particular goals.
Coach Piers Kwan will ensure participants will learn what it means to move mindfully and how to apply the AAA Framework to their training to make the progress they are looking for. Each participant will leave the workshop knowing if they need to spend more time working on strength, flexibility, or control and how to structure their training around that information!
Bear, Monkey, and the Frogger are the foundational movements we teach at GMB. Each movement and their progressions lay the foundation for physical autonomy that can be easily transferred to any other skill someone might want to work on or better yet their daily life.
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Cost $88 for CKFA club members
$108 non club members
FREE for CKFA Instructors/FLMA Coaches
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