Introduction to Tai Chi


4-WEEK ACCESS to dedicated beginners Tai Chi classes

4-WEEK ACCESS to 30+ Martial Arts and Fitness classes at both our locations each week

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Take our regular Tai Chi Gold Coast classes for improved bone density, joint mobility, leg strength, improved concentration, a more flexible waist and a calmer mind. Work up a sweat while slowing your heart rate and improve your breathing via an increased lung capacity.

There is a prevailing misconception that Tai Chi is just for the elderly. Don’t let its gentleness fool you; Tai Chi Gold Coast classes will provide you with immeasurable benefits, regardless of your age.

Practicing martial arts? Our Tai Chi Gold Coast classes will improve your fighting ability by teaching you how to balance your body for maximum energy output, how to deal with oncoming force, and how to achieve external softness while maintaining internal hardness.

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