Our Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast Acupuncture And Chinese Medicine Services Include:


Gold Coast Acupuncture sessions to assess a range of conditions such as allergies, asthma, back pain, fertility, stress management, post-surgery recovery, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, impotence and digestive complaints. Acupuncture is also effective for maintaining general wellbeing and as a preventive approach to illness.


Going hand in hand with our Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast acupuncture sessions, moxibustion is a form of heat therapy designed to bring warmth to painful areas of the body. Studies have found it to be instrumental in raising white and red blood cell count, increasing blood platelets, reducing cholesterol and activating the adrenal cortex function.


An ancient practice of placing special cups onto the skin to create suction. The effect helps to draw blood flow to the area which can increase healing while reducing pain and inflammation. Cupping helps to promote relaxation and wellbeing, especially when combined with acupuncture. Great for persistent muscle aches and pains.

Shiatsu Massage

Delivered on a mat on the floor, shiatsu massage is a fully clothed treatment that uses no oil or other mediums. Instead, acupressure is applied along the energetic system of the body to improve circulation, soften and relax muscle and connective tissue, and encourage the restoration of normal function throughout the body.

Chinese Herbal Therapy

Herbal medicine may be prescribed as part of our Gold Coast acupuncture sessions. Chinese herbs can provide effective treatment for a wide range of health disorders as well as assist with general health maintenance and disease prevention. Herbal formulas are matched to meet your individual health requirements.

Chinese Dietary Therapy

Dietary therapy is seen as the first line of defence against illness. Chinese Medicine prioritises a diet that is balanced by flavours and temperatures to ensure optimum digestion. Understand what to eat for your constitution and how best to support your body’s nourishment according to Chinese Medicine principles.

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