Introduction to Kung Fu – Melbourne

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5 WEEKS TRAINING in a dedicated beginners group session on Tuesday nights

FREE SHORT STICK you’ll receive your first Kung Fu weapon on day one, to aid in your training

Numbers are limited so this online offer will not last. We will be offering placements in our Kung Fu classes on a first in best dressed basis. Please see the number of remaining offers available below.

Introductory Kung Fu classes are held on Tuesdays from 8pm – 9pm at the United Church Hall, Bellevue Ave & Darvall street, Rosanna.

See you there!

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With a long and rich history in Queensland, this highly dynamic art of Kung Fu is renowned for its real world effectiveness. Practitioners of Henry Sue Circular Tong Long Kung Fu are equally revered for their moral code and ethics as they are their fighting ability.

In association with FitLife Martial Arts, this world leading style of Kung Fu was introduced to Melbournians in 2012.

FitLife Martial Arts places emphasis on delivering highly engaging Kung Fu classes within a safe and enjoyable environment. Traditions of family, camaraderie and respect are still very much alive in our organisation and those who train with us are sure to make new lifelong connections.

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